About The Author

I recently published “Tunnel Vision, a focused approach” based on a well thought out and well-orchestrated methodology/approach of personal healing detailing concrete steps to overcome the effects of violence and abuse. It is a book paved with concrete reality, moreover it is a “how to guide” for those seek “a way” to overcome grief and devastation that comes from the after effects of trauma, abuse and isolation to move on to accomplish miracles in life. My goal is to empower others with the magnitude of my story. A call to action brought about by an internal wake up call, prayers which are heaven sent, a collective focus to define time and space, a Michelangelo’s David’s transformation from violin playing frozen in time kind of living to crystallize action oriented steps to accomplish dreams never before thought possible.


Healing is not a quick fix; it is a lifetime commitment. Somehow and in some way it is essential to “teach and mentor” self-love and self-acceptance through empowerment and caring. Tunnel Vision Approach demands each of us to live passionately and eloquently, experiences of the day to day are not to be taken lightly, this is not a dress rehearsal! If I am able to empower one soul to make a difference to just one individual, to enrich and empower one, this venture will be worth it! I am an Avid Designer, Writer, Innovator, Creator, Artist; I embrace a “Tunnel Vision Approach” can do attitude to accomplish all of life’s aspirations and dreams. I inspire my three talented sons and one gorgeous Ukrainian Orphan I sponsored to reach deep inside to embrace creative genius with childlike abandon; all is possible if we believe in the ever present truly amazing silver linings and moonbeams that come our way!


I am humbled by a life journey that has taught me to cherish each opportunity, to empower others passionately. I am blessed by the day to day experiences that have taught me the value of education gained from each and every opportunity. I am a Bay Area Realtor who places interests of clients first with purchases, sales and lifestyle decisions. I am a Registered Investment Advisor who is loyal, honest, and acts with integrity and utmost care with each transaction. I am a Nurse who loves to care for babies. I am studied and proficient in Finance, Insurance, Health Care and Law.


I have learning the immense challenge of farming land to create a sustainable masterpiece in the country, Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve located in Northern California named after one orphanage in Ukraine. Giving birth to a flat oasis surrounded by mountains and lakes, the, “Switzerland of California” biodynamic farming is promoted to regenerate the earth, to share fruits of the soil, to delight all who venture here!


Moreover, diverse and challenging life lessons served as my greatest guide, instilling in me a commitment to love each moment, a child, family, positive enriching community involvement and philanthropy and giving back to make me the person I am today.


I am blessed with three healthy amazing sons who live their passions, no limitation no regrets. There are no mistakes here, everything happens for a reason. Believe this and live fully here and now. Allow your architecturally perfect journey to begin! Imagine, smooth pavement with gorgeous Santa Barbara and Arizona sandstone! Imagine the creation of your own masterpiece, whatever that is, it is perfect! Carpe Diem.

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