There exist new and creative ways to successfully cushion lives surrounded by violence. There are ways to speak, to act and to focus in order to promote positive energy flow and to enjoy a healthier and less troubled post-trauma life.

A learned behavior pattern, “Tunnel Vision” is utilized to reduce the likelihood of the perpetuation of trauma. Self-empowerment, brought about by consistent nurturing and loving support backed with a disciplined imagination and focus, will lead to a more stable and violence-free life. Saving one individual at a time from the affects of violence, trauma and abuse is the paramount objective of this book. Outcomes utilizing “Tunnel Vision” methodology are simple to implement yet profound in how consistent implementation and follow-through will positively affect each life it touches. This goal – to save children and adults from violence – will be met for all those that embrace “Tunnel Vision.”


I recently published “Tunnel Vision, a focused approach” based on a well thought out and well-orchestrated methodology/approach of personal healing detailing concrete steps to overcome the effects of violence and abuse. It is a book paved with concrete reality, moreover it is a “how to guide” for those seek “a way” to overcome grief and devastation that comes from the after effects of trauma, abuse and isolation to move on to accomplish miracles in life…