Jan created her book to empower millennials, young adults, young couples starting on their way to financial independence. We must empower ourselves to greatness, to learn, become knowledgable about saving, being disciplined the power of the markets, individual stocks, debt elimination, control and the creation of freedom- financial independence. This goal and life aspiration is achieved by anyone anywhere willing and able to be disciplined, committed to execute a focused plan of action in life. Jan calls plan the “tunnel vision approach”. Jan is dedicated to give back, to empower and to mentor personal and professional growth via financial independence. Anyone can achieve greatness. Anyone!


I recently published “Tunnel Vision, a focused approach” based on a well thought out and well-orchestrated methodology/approach of personal healing detailing concrete steps to overcome the effects of violence and abuse. It is a book paved with concrete reality, moreover it is a “how to guide” for those seek “a way” to overcome grief and devastation that comes from the after effects of trauma, abuse and isolation to move on to accomplish miracles in life…